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Spring Webinar Series

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Can you believe it? It’s already spring.

As we start spring cleaning think about all of the ways you can freshen up your mind! Introduce yourself to something new this season, have fun, and explore your options. We’re offering three free webinars this month to help you dip your toes in. 

Each one of our webinars is presented by an authorized industry expert trainer so you know you won’t be steered wrong. Read more about each of the webinars and RSVP today!


Introduction to Power BI
Tuesday, March 15, 2022
10 AM – 11 AM PDT

Join our trained instructor, Jeffrey Bennett to learn what you need to know to create highly effective visualizations and understand data analysis using Power BI Desktop. This is a good end-to-end demonstration and you will learn one or more areas that you will need to know to make the most out of Power BI.


AWS Discovery Day
Friday, March 18, 2022
9 AM – 12 PM PDT

AWS Discovery Day is an event that is designed to introduce AWS Cloud concepts and foundational infrastructure services.  This event is particularly relevant for customers who have recently signed up with AWS, or for those who simply want to grasp the basics of the AWS Cloud platform. Join our authorized instructor, John Kacmarynski, as he responds to your questions live.


Managing a Hybrid Workplace
Wednesday, March 23, 2022
10 AM – 11 AM PDT

Empower your employees to work from wherever they’re most productive. We’ll tackle how to make hybrid work successful with communication, conflict resolution, creative thinking, people skills and more. Join us as we explore how organizations are changing to address the benefits and conflicts that have arisen in this new environment.  

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