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Private/Custom Training
Tailored training solutions to meet your unique learning needs.
Enhance Learning with Personalized Training
Experience TLG Learning’s private and custom training, where your team can learn together, benefiting from tailored content that fits your specific needs.

Our expert team of solution architects, content developers, and certified trainers are dedicated to delivering customized training that matches your requirements.

Join our list of satisfied clients, including Microsoft Corporation, and discover the impact of personalized professional development.
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Customized Training Empowers Your Team
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Engaging Learning Experiences
Our private classes encourage participation, fostering an interactive and engaging environment for your team’s success.

Flexible Convenience
Choose your preferred location: our training center in Bellevue, your offices, or fully remote for ease and accessibility.

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness
Our training solutions focus solely on the topics essential to your organization while incurring little or no additional cost over standard private course pricing.

Targeted Skill Development
Dive deeper into crucial areas specific to your organization, empowering your team with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in their roles.

Adaptable Learning Approach
Address the unique knowledge levels and learning styles of your team, tailoring the training to accommodate different skill sets and individual needs.

Expert Solutions for Complex Requirements
Count on TLG Learning’s experienced solution architects, content developers, and certified trainers to meet your organization’s complex training needs.

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