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TLG Learning has been trusted by government agencies for over 25 years. We have a track record of providing high quality, cost effective training services to city and county governments, state and federal agencies, and all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.

We understand overall public sector priorities — including your commitment to providing excellent outcomes, high quality services, and the best value possible to your constituencies.
We understand government buying and contracting — including your need for maximum cost savings, knowledgeable client support, buying convenience, and regulatory compliance.

We offer a robust GSA IT Training Price list, experienced government account managers supported by subject matter experts, and processes to ensure your convenience and compliance. We also qualify as a small business based on the size standards established by the U.S. Small Business Administration. TLG Learning contract GS-35F-0436V.

Whether you need help identifying your needs, creating a scope of work, or meeting established acquisition requirements — TLG Learning is committed to your success.

Please contact us today for assistance matched specifically to your needs, or for more information on our:

  • GSA Training Price List, which includes hundreds of training courses, including both public and private training courses on a wide range of technologies and business skills. You’ll receive the same discounted GSA pricing whether you use our GSA contract or your SmartPay Card.
  • Federal Training Credit Program, which allows you to determine the discount based on the amount of training you buy. Lock in your training budget and savings today and take the courses you need.
  • Government and Military Super Saver Program, which includes hundreds of courses with special government (GSA) rates well below the micro-purchase threshold of $2,500.

Directive 8140 (replaces 8570)

The Department of Defense Directive 8140/8570 provides guidance and procedures for the training, certification and management of the DoD workforce conducting Information Assurance (IA) duties. Any individual with Information Assurance (IA) functions are required to hold an approved certification for their particular job classification.

These include all classifications (lAO, ISAE, Technical, Management, CND).

What individuals are affected by 8140/8570?

Any full- or part-time military service member, contractor, or local nationals with privileged access to a DoD information systems that perform information assurance (security) functions -.- regardless of job or occupational series.

  • Private Defense Contractors
  • Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • Military Departments
  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Combatant Commands
  • Office of the Inspector General of the DOD
  • Defense Agencies
  • DOD Field Activities
  • All other organizational entities in the DoD
  • Anyone with administrative rights to a DoD network
  • Reporting and Compliance

The Certifications You Need to Stay Compliant

Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 8140/8570 requires every full and part-time military service member, defense contractor and civilian employee with privileged access to US Department of Defense information systems (IS) to obtain industry certification credentials that have been accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

You can get the DoD Directive 8140/8570 compliant security training needed to guard computer systems against emerging threats and to safeguard IT environments with TLG Learning. Attend our courses in-person, at your facility, or remotely.

Why work with TLG Learning?

TLG Learning has been working with and training DoD agencies on Initiative 8140/8570 skills for 2 full years prior to the signing of the requirement. We will bring this successful history to assist you in any phase of 8140/8570 implementation, including:

  • Assessment of IA staff skills
  • Securing budgets
  • Authorized and customized Security Training and Certification