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Consulting Services

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TLG Learning provides more than training classes. We are committed to ensuring our clients successfully implement the necessary plans and skills required to achieve maximum benefits from technology on a cost effective and timely basis.

Private Coaching

Clients with specialized needs like a unique company project or especially in-depth questions after class sometimes benefit greatly from private coaching from a TLG Trainer/Consultant. In such cases, we often can provide you the skills needed to be self- sufficient on similar projects after our coaching session(s) have been completed, especially if you have attended related training courses at TLG before the private coaching. Although common, it is not necessary to attend a related TLG course before scheduling private coaching.

Private coaching is available on projects and topics involving skills and knowledge covered in most courses offered by TLG Learning, including most Microsoft technical and business intelligence courses, most end-user applications courses, ITIL, and more.

Most private coaching sessions are scheduled in half-day or full-day increments at either your offices or a TLG training center, depending upon your needs.

Software Migration Planning

Effective and comprehensive software migration planning is crucial for ensuring organizations achieve maximum benefits from technology upgrades on a cost effective and timely basis.

TLG Learning can help plan key aspects of your potential software migration, including initial fact finding and strategic consensus building, defining desired functionality improvements and governance policies, planning deployment steps, ensuring effective technical support, and creating both technical and end-user training plans to ensure timely adoption and productivity gains.

Software Migration Planning services are available for most Microsoft Server Products, Operating Systems, and Office Productivity Products, including Microsoft Office 365 (or Office 2013) and SharePoint Online (or SharePoint 2013).

Custom Course & Learning Resource Development

TLG Learning offers a wide range of standard training courses and post class resources. However, if a standard course or existing post class resources do not meet a client’s needs, we offer customization and development services ranging from minor modifications to standard courses to the creation of completely new courses and post class learning resources. Examples include:

  • Courses may be customized by deleting content or adding content from other courses.
  • Courses may be customized to include examples and practice exercises based on the client’s business processes or projects.
  • Courses & Learning Resources may be customized in cases if the client wishes to emphasize key priorities or its governance policies vary from those incorporated into standard courses.
  • New Courses and Learning Resources may be created on new technologies or in cases when clients have highly specialized needs.

Examples of Learning Resources that can be customized or created include:

  • Detailed course manuals (typically digital and searchable) for use during and after class.
  • Printed Quick Reference Cards designed to remind students of key learnings.
  • Recorded Video Training Modules (sometimes used as a post class resource after hands-on training).