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Learn how to harness the power of Apache Spark and powerful clusters running on the Azure Databricks platform to run large data engineering workloads in the cloud.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


1 – Explore Azure Databricks

  • Get started with Azure Databricks
  • Identify Azure Databricks workloads
  • Understand key concepts

2 – Use Apache Spark in Azure Databricks

  • Get to know Spark
  • Create a Spark cluster
  • Use Spark in notebooks
  • Use Spark to work with data files
  • Visualize data

3 – Use Delta Lake in Azure Databricks

  • Get Started with Delta Lake
  • Create Delta Lake tables
  • Create and query catalog tables
  • Use Delta Lake for streaming data

4 – Use SQL Warehouses in Azure Databricks

  • Get started with SQL Warehouses
  • Create databases and tables
  • Create queries and dashboards

5 – Run Azure Databricks Notebooks with Azure Data Factory

  • Understand Azure Databricks notebooks and pipelines
  • Create a linked service for Azure Databricks
  • Use a Notebook activity in a pipeline
  • Use parameters in a notebook

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