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Develop the skills necessary to configure a secure deployment solution for cloud-native apps. Learn how to build, deploy, scale, and manage containerized cloud-native apps using Azure Container Apps, Azure Container Registry, and Azure Pipelines.


  • Basic understanding of cloud computing concepts: Familiarity with cloud computing fundamentals, such as virtualization, scalability, and on-demand resource provisioning.
  • Knowledge of containers: Understanding the concept of containers, their benefits, and how they differ from traditional apps and virtual machines.
  • Familiarity with container orchestration: Basic understanding of container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes and their role in managing containerized applications.
  • Experience with Azure: Some familiarity with Microsoft Azure and its core container services, such as Azure Container Registry, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Azure Container Apps.
  • Experience with deployments: Some familiarity with Azure DevOps or similar CI/CD tools for application deployment.
  • Experience with networks: Some familiarity with networking concepts and Azure Virtual Networks.


Get started with cloud native apps and containerized deployments

  • Examine cloud-native apps
  • Examine deployment options for cloud-native apps
  • Review an Azure Container Apps solution architecture and resources

Configure Azure Container Registry for container app deployments

  • Review the Azure Container Registry service
  • Create a container registry instance in the Azure portal
  • Examine registry operations for image management
  • Examine authentication with managed identity
  • Examine Azure Container Registry roles and permissions
  • Examine secure communications using virtual networks

Configure a container app in Azure Container Apps

  • Review the Azure Container Apps service
  • Examine Azure Container Apps containers and containers registries
  • Create a container app and container app environment
  • Examine managed identities in Azure Container Apps
  • Examine ingress in Azure Container Apps
  • Examine the management of secrets in Azure Container Apps
  • Examine the storage mounts in Azure Container Apps
  • Examine cloud service connections in Azure Container Apps

Configure continuous deployment for container apps

  • Review continuous deployment options for container apps
  • Examine Azure DevOps and Azure Pipelines
  • Examine Azure Pipeline configuration and deployment tasks
  • Examine agents and agent pools for pipelines
  • Examine environment and secret variables for pipelines

Scale and manage deployed container apps

  • Examine revisions in Azure Container Apps
  • Examine application lifecycle management in Azure Container Apps
  • Examine scaling options in Azure Container Apps
  • Examine ingress settings for traffic-splitting and blue-green deployments

Guided project – Deploy and manage a container app using Azure Container Apps

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