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AWS Partner of the Year
On Demand Training
Invest in your people with cloud training to accelerate business transformation.

While cloud technology makes innovation possible, it’s people who make it happen. Invest in your workforce with cloud training to accelerate business transformation; to lower costs, increase security, become more agile, and innovate faster. Unlock the full value of AWS with a subscription to AWS Skill Builder, an online learning center.

A Skill Builder Team subscription provides access to a variety of interactive learning experiences spanning technical domains, roles, and skill levels. Help your teams build practical skills and cloud expertise critical to your organization. Upskill and engage your employees with Skill Builder, and create a culture of continuous learning.

Use Skill Builder Team subscription as a core component of your training program, and integrate with instructor-led or event-based training available from AWS Training and Certification. Leverage Skill Builder Team subscription enhanced exam prep resources and validate employee technical skills and cloud expertise with AWS Certifications. With AWS, you have the flexibility to deliver training that works best for your organization.

Choose Your Learning Plan
Provide your teams with on-demand courses to get
the relevant training they need.

Develop cloud expertise with fundamental, intermediate,
and advanced courses​.

Stay current and deepen skills across teams as your
organizational needs evolve.
What is the Skill Builder Team subscription?

Skill Builder Team subscription is a paid offering to provide capabilities for organizations to enable them to grow cloud skills at scale. With Skill Builder Team subscription, organizations can purchase access to digital training for teams of 5+ with a single transaction, align annual budgets with a yearly subscription cycle, and adapt their learning experiences to team needs given the diversity of training types within the subscription.

In addition to your paid subscription you will receive many free offerings such as 600+ digital courses, learning plans, AWS Certification Official Practice Question Sets, limited game-based training including AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner and AWS Card Class, Skill Builder Team subscription offers administrative features for learning administrators, and over 1,000 lab experiences within AWS Digital Classroom, AWS Builder Labs, AWS Certification Official Practice Exams, AWS Jam and AWS Jam Journey, AWS Industry Quest, and AWS Cloud Quest.

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