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AWS Partner of the Year

AWS Blended Learning

Elevate your team’s Cloud Skills with the perfect blend of Virtual and In-Class Training!

Discover the Ultimate Blend of Instructor-Led and On-Demand AWS Training with TLG

Blended learning combines traditional classroom teaching with online learning activities. This combination allows your team to benefit from the best of both worlds: the structure and guidance of a physical classroom setting and the flexibility and accessibility of online learning resources.

Our self-paced courses allows your team to progress at their own speed, ensuring they fully grasp each concept before moving on. Our live sessions offer direct access to industry experts, providing real-time interaction, immediate feedback, and the opportunity to engage in discussions and hands-on activities.

This comprehensive approach ensures that your team receives a well-rounded education, blending the flexibility of self-paced learning with the depth and personalization of live instruction.

Virtual Learning

TLG and Blended Learning

TLG Learning has a proven track record of providing high-quality training and education services. With 30 years of experience in the industry, we understand the dynamics of effective blended learning and tailor our programs to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

We prioritize individualized support. Our experienced instructors and support staff are dedicated to helping you succeed, provide guidance, feedback, and assistance whenever needed.

AWS Blended Learning

Introducing the AWS Blended Learning Package: a comprehensive solution designed to elevate your team’s proficiency in AWS technologies. Our unique blend of online and instructor-led training offers a versatile learning experience, catering to the diverse needs of individuals and organizations alike.

With access to a full year of AWS digital and classroom training, you can ensure complete training for your teams in AWS technologies. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started or an experienced user aiming to enhance your skills, our blended learning approach caters to all levels of expertise.

Three Key Benefits of Blended Learning:

Guaranteed Excellent Training with TLG, the AWS Partner of the Year

Optimize Your Savings with AWS Blended Learning

Experience More Flexibility with Online or In-Person Learning

Tiered Learning Packages 

Tailored to Your Needs

Virtual and In-Class Training

Tier One – getting started $5,500 and up

5 Skillbuilder seats minimum with 5 virtual ILT one day classes.

Focused on individual expertise and certification success.

Tier two – infrastructure and development $13,500 and up

10 Skillbuilder seats with 5 virtual ILT three day classes.

Online courses and live instruction to support your team mastery of infrastructure and development.

Tier three – devops data/ai migration $13,500 and up

10 Skillbuilder seats with 5 virtual ILT three day classes.

Transform your company’s approach to DevOps, Data, and 

AI migration.