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Why Is Cybersecurity Important For Your Business?

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Penetration or “pen” testing is an integral part of an organization’s security defense. By regularly probing their own network for vulnerabilities organizations can identify weaknesses and harden their defenses.

Demand for qualified, certified Cybersecurity professionals and skills are in high demand, and capability needs more than just work experience to ensure you are fully educated and able to address the latest technologies, threats, and challenges. The average starting salary for Cybersecurity professionals is $88,000 – if you reskill your internal talent, you maximize your human resources!

Hackers and cyber trolls have malicious intentions; They can disrupt corporate communications, steal trade secrets or intellectual property, and cause mayhem for political reasons.

Are you prepared to deal with this chaos?

The only way to counter respond is to create a simulated scenario where your organization’s IT and cybersecurity professionals can train by detecting major threats and securing your company’s infrastructure.

TLG Learning in partnership with Mile2 is offering the following security Bootcamp March 8th – 14th, 2020:

CSP – Certified Security Principles (List Price $2,500)
CPEH – Certified Professional Ethical Hacker (List Price $3,000)
CPTE – Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (List Price $3,000)
CPTC – Certified Penetration Testing Consultant (List Price $3,500)
Red Team vs. Blue Team (List Price $2,000)

Get ready to participate in a Red Team vs Blue Team Cyber Wargame as you race with other participants to win the realistic threat scenario you will be presented.

Earn 5 world-class Cybersecurity Certifications in just 7 days PLUS the exams would normally cost you $16,950, but sign up for this Bootcamp and get it all for $4,995!


These courses are Accredited & Approved:

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