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Webinar: How To Get Efficient Using Microsoft Teams

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It’s been more than two weeks since millions of employees around the world have been working from home as the Coronavirus pandemic struck our world and turned it upside down. Some are living the dream but most of us are still struggling to strike a balance between personal and professional life that seem to have collided in the same household.

At TLG Learning we strive to help professionals reach their true potential and have been offering classes remotely for nearly 20 years. We are quite experienced at helping people learn and work from home. To help people get more efficient while working from home during this difficult time, the TLG Learning team decided to organize a free Microsoft Teams training webinar.

We understand how difficult it can be to connect with your co-workers while working from home, and a communication & collaboration platform such as Microsoft Teams can help make that easier. Our trained instructor, Jeannette walked the audience through the basics of using Microsoft Teams to communicate successfully. Some of the topics covered included;

  •  How to access teams via Windows or Web app.
  •  Basic navigation around the app.
  •  How to use the chat feature.
  •  Schedule and attend meetings.
  •  How to upload files to review or collaborate.

Even though this was a brief webinar of 60 minutes, Jeannette made sure to meticulously hover over each and every button, explaining its functions to the audience. She even talked about features that might be released soon with Microsoft Teams. The webinar ended with a Q&A session where attendees submitted questions to the presenter about Microsoft Teams, and got to hear detailed answers to the same.

In case you missed the webinar but want to learn to get efficient using ‘Microsoft Teams’ – don’t worry! Click here for the recorded version!

However, if you would want to dive deeper into learning about all the features offered in Microsoft Teams, then click here and find the complete schedule to sign up for our half-day class that can be attended from anywhere in the world, virtually.

Stay safe and keep learning from the comfort of your home.

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