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Explore Salesforce features and functionality and gain the knowledge to make Salesforce implementation decisions with confidence. In this 3-day, heavily discussion-based class, learn about standard and custom objects and applications, data management, data visualization, flow automation tools, security mechanisms, and more. Successfully navigate the key phases and milestones of a Salesforce implementation, effectively communicate business needs, and provide directives to team members tasked with solution-building to deliver a robust Salesforce solution that achieves business goals.




This class is designed for individuals who are (or will soon be) supporting a Salesforce implementation in a decision-making capacity. This includes, but is not limited to, business analysts, IT managers, project managers, executive leaders, and executive sponsors. This class is not recommended for individuals tasked with solution-building.


Introduction to Salesforce Implementation Concepts

Salesforce Data Model

  • Discover the Customer 360 Platform
  • Examine Salesforce Clouds
  • Navigate the Salesforce Platform
  • Review the Salesforce Platform Data Model
  • Understand Data Visualization

Security & Access

  • Create Users
  • Access the Org
  • Control Data

Objects & Applications

  • Review Standard Objects
  • Understand Custom Objects
  • Explore Standard Applications
  • Discover Custom Applications

Salesforce Customizations

  • Work with Fields
  • Design Page Layouts
  • Understand Record Types
  • Review Dynamic Capabilities

Successful Data Management

  • Determine Data Strategy
  • Create Data
  • Ensure Data Quality

Process Automation

  • Streamline Business Processes Using Automation Tools
  • Learn Purpose-Driven Automation
  • Automate With Flow

Data Analysis Using Reports & Dashboards

  • Organize Reports and Dashboards
  • Build Reports
  • Create Dashboards
  • Create an Analytics Strategy

Adoption & Continued Improvement

  • Adopt Your Implementation
  • Evaluate Continued Improvements

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3 days

Guaranteed to run