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One definition of insanity is to do the same thing and expect different results. As you are taking your career and earnings to the next level, you will require a different approach and different tools than you have used to date. The Crosswind PMP Exam bootcamp class course allows you to Attack the PMP® Exam the Crosswind Way as thousands of project managers have since 1998.

At Crosswind, we have heard from many students that said the PMP exam was one of the most challenging things they have done in their life. Think about it, three hours and 50 minutes, 180 questions, choose the best of four options with most questions. The question might not have a right answer, but instead what is best. The exam covers the people, processes, and business environment in the current PMP Exam Content Outline (ECO).

The Crosswind PMP Exam training includes a course exit exam and one on one exit interview with your instructor, so you know the final details when factoring in life, work and study to achieving your PMP certification. The course is available live online (virtual) or live classroom, from our Dallas, Texas headquarters training facility with high-definition video and high-speed internet.

This course also includes the Crosswind Flex-Class option that allows you to attend additional sessions at no charge (within the same Exam Content Outline (ECO) cycle), to reinforce learning, or to keep your studies current if life gets in the way of the exam.

With Crosswind, you get cutting-edge, best in industry instructors, coaches, products and courses that help you realize the earnings and career advancement that awaits. Crosswind courses are designed the Crosswind way, to simplify complex concepts and accelerate learning. We use Crosswind math to reinforce concepts like the network diagram and earned value. Since 1998 we have put thousands of hours of experience into every product and course with you, the student, the adult learner in mind.

With the Crosswind PMP Exam training you get our complete PMP® Exam Study System; the most complete study system on the market today. Aligned with the current PMP Exam Content Outline (ECO).

The Crosswind PMP Exam Study System includes:

  • V2023 Bootcamp Manual with over 80 pages of new content, has an 180 question web-based exam simulation application as well as 60 and 120 question based online exams, A video showing the step by step details for the PMP application, and Printable PDFs of various book exercises for re-use
  • Web-based Exam Simulation application with 126 tests and over 5,100 questions to allow creation of custom tests with over 16 custom topics
  • PM Talks Audio Recording also available in MP3 format. Over ten hours in duration and includes Crosswind CEO & Founder Tony Johnson, and Crosswind Trainer Adrian Terry having an interactive discussion about how all of the pieces of the PMBOK® Guide fit together and work with each other.
  • Terminology Audio Download is also available in MP3 format
  • Seven Mindmaps, Processes and Swimlanes placemats 11″ X 17″ double-sided and laminated PMP® Exam Flipnotes
  • PMP® Exam Review Web-based Flashcard application
  • PMP® Exam Review Web-based Processes and Outputs Matching application
  • Two Quick Reference Guide documents
  • One Acronym Quick Reference Guide document
  • One ITTO Quick Reference Guide document
  • One Cross Reference Guide for Popular Exam Terms
  • Durable Carry Case
  • 60+ Project management templates to study and use at work!
  • 60+ Videos to reinforce the classroom, including earned value and network diagrams




Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 2-Exam Environment
  • Chapter 3-Business Environment
  • Chapter 4-Roles and Organizations
  • Chapter 5-Resource
  • Chapter 6-Stakeholder
  • Chapter 7-Communications

Day 1 Evening Assignments

  • Copy brain dump
  • Questions 1-15 for Day 1 Chapters

Day 2

  • Questions review from Day 1 Chapters
  • Chapter 8-Agile and Hybrid
  • Chapter 9-Integration
  • Chapter 10-Scope
  • Chapter 11-Schedule

Day 2 Evening Assignments

  • Copy brain dump
  • Questions 1-15 for Day 2 Chapters

Day 3

  • Questions review from Day 2 Chapters
  • Chapter 12-Cost
  • Chapter 13-Quality
  • Chapter 14-Risk

Day 3 Evening Assignments

  • Copy brain dump
  • Questions 1-15 for Day 3 Chapters

Day 4

  • Questions review from Day 3 Chapters
  • Chapter 15-Procurement
  • Exit Exam
  • One on one exit interview for exam readiness and any next steps

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