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In this learning path, you practice implementing Azure Monitor to collect, analyze and act on monitoring telemetry from Azure environments. You learn to configure and interpret monitoring for virtual machines, networking, and web applications.


Understand the basic functionality of Azure Monitor and Log Analytics workspaces.


Create and configure a Log Analytics workspace

  • Create a Log Analytics workspace
  • Configure access to Log Analytics workspaces
  • Configure Log Analytics data retention
  • Configure Log Analytics health status alerts

Configure monitoring for applications

  • Understand Application Insights
  • Application Insights sampling
  • Diagnostic settings and resource logs
  • Azure SQL Insights

Configure monitoring for virtual machines

  • Deploy Azure Monitor Agent to IaaS Virtual Machines
  • Monitor Performance with VM insights
  • Configure data collection rules for IaaS VM logs

Configure monitoring for virtual networks

  • Topology
  • Connection Monitor
  • IP flow verify and NSG diagnostics
  • Packet capture

Configure alerts and responses

  • Azure Monitor alerts
  • Action groups
  • Alert rules
  • Alert processing rules
  • Azure Monitor change analysis

Guided Project – Deploy and configure Azure Monitor

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