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This course is a 1-day exam preparation study of fact-based questions.

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This course is a 1-day exam preparation study of fact-based questions.


IIBA Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) Comprehensive Study



Lesson 1: Preparing for a Fact-Based Knowledge Exam

  • Identifying the goal of the exam and what will be tested
  • Demonstrating command of core Business Analysis (BA) facts and the BA process
  • Recalling technical content and best practice techniques

Lesson 2: The BA Professional and Key Concepts

  • Positioning business analysis and BABOK?v3 knowledge areas
    • Describing the role of the Business Analyst
    • Identifying underlying competencies and knowledge areas
  • Describing the core concepts
    • ?Recognizing a conceptual framework for BA work
    • Defining a BA vocabulary of key terms
    • Comparing the variety of stakeholders and requirements

Lesson 3: Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring

  • Summarizing the focus of BAPM tasks
    • ?Planning Business Analysis Approach
    • Planning Stakeholder Engagement
    • Planning Business Analysis Governance
    • Identifying BA Performance Improvements
  • Constructing a plan for product specification
    • Choosing a methodology to guide the work
    • Managing the 3Rs

Lesson 4: Elicitation and Collaboration

  • Summarizing the focus of EC tasks
    • Preparing for elicitation
    • Conducting elicitation
    • Confirming results
    • Communicating information
    • Managing collaboration
  • Describing elicitation tasks
    • ?Developing an activity plan
    • Acquiring and confirming stakeholder knowledge

Lesson 5: Requirements Life Cycle Management

  • Summarizing the focus of RLCM tasks
    • Tracing requirements by applying criteria
    • Maintaining requirements for reuse
    • Prioritizing within a project
    • Assessing changes to requirements
    • Approving a set of requirements
  • Explaining requirements states
    • Recognizing life cycle attributes
    • Gaining approvals for work completed

Lesson 6: Strategy Analysis

  • Summarizing the focus of SA tasks
    • Analyzing current state
    • Defining future state
    • Assessing risks
    • Defining change strategy
  • Identifying the business need
    • Listing the business requirements
    • Defining the solution scope

Lesson 7: Requirements Analysis and Design Definition

  • Summarizing the focus of RADD tasks
    • Specifying and modeling requirements
    • Verifying requirements
    • Validating requirements
    • Defining a requirements architecture
    • Defining design options
    • Analyzing potential value
  • Choosing techniques based on the task
    • Describing the modeling and analysis required
    • Identifying a checklist for validating and verifying

Lesson 8: Solution Evaluation

  • Summarizing the focus of SE tasks
    • Measuring solution performance
    • Analyzing performance measures
    • Assessing solution limitations
    • Assessing enterprise limitations
    • Recommending actions to increase value
  • Interpreting the implemented value
    • Newly implemented or legacy existing
    • Illustrating the business value

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