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Computer vision is an area of artificial intelligence that deals with visual perception. Azure AI Vision includes multiple services that support common computer vision scenarios.


  • Familiarity with Azure and the Azure portal.
  • Experience programming with C# or Python.


Analyze images

  • Provision an Azure AI Vision resource
  • Analyze an image
  • Generate a smart-cropped thumbnail and remove background

Image classification with custom Azure AI Vision models

  • Understand custom model types
  • Create a custom project
  • Label and train a custom model

Detect, analyze, and recognize faces

  • Identify options for face detection analysis and identification
  • Understand considerations for face analysis
  • Detect faces with the Azure AI Vision service
  • Understand capabilities of the face service
  • Compare and match detected faces
  • Implement facial recognition

Read Text in images and documents with the Azure AI Vision Service

  • Explore Azure AI Vision options for reading text
  • Use the Read API

Analyze video

  • Understand Azure Video Indexer capabilities
  • Extract custom insights
  • Use Video Analyzer widgets and APIs

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