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Power BI: Frequently Asked Questions

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Power BI is an extremely beneficial tool to create highly effective visualizations and data models. Whether you are a data analyst or business intelligence professional, learning to create efficient stand-alone and multi-page narrative reports using data sources that are created using Power BI Desktop could be very useful for you and your company. 

TLG Learning’s authorized industry expert trainers have been teaching Power BI for over 10 years now and here are some of the questions they always seem to be asked during classes:

  • What is DAX? 
    • Data Analysis Expressions is the language used for calculated columns and measures in Power BI.  Throughout the Power BI series of classes, you will learn about and create measures and calculated columns.  If that is your primary goal, then the Introduction to DAX (Level 3) is a great class to schedule.
  • What is the difference between a Calculated Column & a Measure? 
    • Again, we put students into specific “scenarios” during class to demonstrate how to use both Measures and Calculated Columns.  Both of them are DAX (see above). Calculated columns become a column of data results in your data model. With Measures, only the calculation is stored and is not actually calculated until it is added to a visual with context.
  • Is Power BI part of Azure? 
    • Yes! Azure is Microsoft’s Service Platform, of which, Power BI is a component.  With Azure services and Power BI, you can turn your data processing efforts into analytics and reports that provide real-time insights into your business.
  • Can I connect directly with my data sources? 
    • Yes!  However, there are some limitations to Direct Query in Power BI Service.  That primarily has to do with the limited “transformations” that can be performed to your data in Direct connections vs the unlimited transformation available when you import.  Our Data Model Design class will go into specifics about transformations and how to do them in Power BI.
  • Can I connect my visuals or reports to SharePoint for sharing? 
    • Yes! In our revised Report Builder class, we take students through that very process!  It does require that you use the new modern experience in SharePoint.

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