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Microsoft SATV Training Vouchers

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Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV) entitle you to receive technical training and select end user readiness training through demonstration sessions from Microsoft Learning Partners.

What are the benefits of using your SATVs?

  • Reduced training costs. User training is already included under your Software Assurance coverage. With SATV, technical training for your IT Pro and Developer staff and end-user Demonstration Sessions do not incur additional expense.
  • Employee skill enhancement. Training offers employees increased proficiency and productivity. Prepare your IT staff to support your organization’s technology infrastructure and end-users for new deployments.
  • Learning Partner Support. Microsoft Learning Partners can help create an optimal training strategy for your organization and help you plan the most effective way to use training vouchers.
  • Guaranteed pricing. Microsoft and Learning Partners have set pricing that is included with your SA coverage.

Do you have Microsoft SATVs to use? If you haven’t heard, the SATV program is ending. The deadline to assign SATV’s is June 30, 2021 and the date to fully redeem is January 1, 2022. Don’t let those vouchers expire! As a Certified Microsoft Learning Partner, we offer an extensive catalog of courses with certified trainers to help your team excel.

You can also learn how to activate and use your Software Assurance Training Voucher Benefit today by downloading this guide here: Software_Assurance_Training_Voucher_Guide_for_Benefits_Managers

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