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TLG Learning Free Microsoft Training with Software Assurance

FREE Microsoft Training -- with Software Assurance

What is Microsoft Software Assurance?

If your organization purchased a Microsoft software volume licensing agreement, you may be entitled to Microsoft Software Assurance Benefits -- including FREE Microsoft Training at TLG Learning.

Other Software Assurance Benefits include: the right to install any new release of software covered in your licensing agreement during the term of the agreement, 24x7 problem resolution support, "cold" backups for disaster recovery, extended Hotfix support, and more!
TLG Learning can help maximize the value of your Software Assurance Benefits, and ensure your benefits further your business goals and projects. Contact us today at 425-460-2200 or

What are Software Assurance Training Vouchers?

Software Assurance Training Vouchers can be redeemed for valuable Microsoft Technical courses, including both public and private instructor-led classes and mentor-led classes. Most Microsoft Technical courses qualify for the SA Training Voucher Program, but there are some exceptions. Contact your Account Executive at 425-460-2200 for details.

How Do I Redeem Software Assurance Training Program Vouchers?

If you already have a Software Assurance Benefits Administrator at your office, they can assign vouchers to specific individuals that require training. If you would like TLG Learning to assist with the administration of your training benefits, we can help simplify your administration process further. Contact your TLG Account Executive at 425-460-2200 for details.

Do Software Assurance Training Program Vouchers expire?

Yes, SATVs must be requested and created before your Software Assurance Program expires and SATV’s then expire 180 days after they are created if they have not been used. When requesting specific vouchers, you do not need to specify which classes your employees will take or the employee's name or the number of days of training. But you should not wait to access these valuable benefits or you risk losing them.

How can I learn more about the Software Assurance Training Program?

Contact your TLG Learning Account Executive today. You can contact us via email at or phone us at 425-460-2200.


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