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Mentor-led Training 


For more than 9 years, TLG Learning has been fine-tuning a learning approach we call Mentor-led Training.

Mentor-led Training from TLG Learning is unique.  With our Mentor-led Training, you get the same high customer satisfaction you get with TLG Learning`s Instructor-led Training, but you also get additional benefits. 

TLG Learning`s Unique Mentor-led Training provides:

  • More one-on-one time with your Certified Trainer than is possible in a traditional instructor-led class.
  • The option of customizing your training - so you can spend your time learning exactly what you need to learn.
  • Special break-out sessions on topics of special interest.
  • More classes guaranteed-to-run on a regular basis
  • The option of taking Technical Training without being out of the office for 3 to 5 full days at a time.
  • Unique teaching methods and resources proven and fine tuned 6+ years

When you select Mentor-led Training from TLG Learning, we start by taking the time to understand your goals and current skills. This is when you and your Mentor will decide which course topics to emphasize during your customized learning experience. 

As you progress, your Mentor-led Training sessions will be based on a face-to-face, one-on-one coaching relationship with a fully certified trainer on whatever course topics you are taking. Your training will include best-of-breed multimedia presentations by additional certified trainers, the same authorized vendor courseware used in our Instructor-led Training courses, plus a lab environment that allows you to work through the same labs, workshops and hands-on exercises used in our traditional classes.

Your Certified Mentor will provide you with one-on-one coaching throughout your entire Mentor-led learning experience.  You will learn at your own pace, so you can proceed quickly or slowly depending on the topic.  And, when you need additional courses, you can move to your next course immediately or whenever doing so is convenient. Your schedule is almost infinitely flexible. You can even schedule your learning sessions in half-day units as your time permits.

TLG Learning offers you the choice of Mentor-led Training at our training centers or your corporate offices.

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