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LIVE Online Training (LIVE OLT)

When you attend a LIVE Online Training Class from TLG Learning -- your instructor will be teaching the course LIVE from a remote training center, but your learning experience will be VIRTUALLY the same as if your trainer was present in the room with you.

  • You will hear your remote instructor's live lecture in real time.
  • You will see your remote instructor's slide presentations and demonstrations.
  • You will ask questions and hear questions asked by other students.
  • You will complete your labs exactly as you would in an in-person class.

Anywhere (LIVE OLT)

When a class is listed on our schedule as available Anywhere (LIVE OLT), you can attend the class from anywhere -- including from your home or office -- with no travel required.

When you attend from your home or office, you will need access to a good personal computer with two monitors, plus good internet access and a reliable phone connection.  In addition, you will be responsible for some minor set up before class.  See Anywhere (LIVE OLT) -- Requirements.

If you are already registered for class and require help for setting-up or testing the connection of your home or office PC please contact or phone (855) 460-5880.

Bellevue (LIVE OLT) & Seattle (LIVE OLT)

When a class is listed on our schedule as available Bellevue (LIVE OLT) or Seattle (LIVE OLT), you can attend the class at one of our state-of-the-art computer learning centers in Bellevue or Seattle.

When you choose Bellevue (LIVE OLT) or Seattle (LIVE OLT) we provide your classroom set-up -- plus a comfortable and distraction-free you can focus 100% on your learning.


With LIVE Online Training from TLG Learning -- you get all the benefits of instructor-led training, plus:

  • You can attend your class from the location you prefer.  Many TLG Learning courses can be attended at your home or office...or at your local TLG Learning Center...or even in another city if you prefer.  See our class schedule for which classes are offered at which local locations, or contact your account executive for further details including nationwide training options.
  • You also get more class choices on the dates you prefer -- when we combine students from multiple locations, we end up with enough students to run classes more frequently, including highly specialized classes taught by top national experts in their fields that might otherwise cancel due to low enrollment levels in a single city.

Contact TLG Learning for more information in LIVE Online Training!


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