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TLG IT Careers Program - qualify for an IT Career in 11 weeks

Tech careers are one of the fastest growing areas of the economy and long term career prospects are excellent. TLG Learning's accelerated IT skills training and certification programs puts you on a fast track to work that is interesting, challenging and makes a difference. 
TLG Learning is different than other IT Career Schools. For over 25 years, respected IT employers like Microsoft, F5 Networks, major federal agencies and the military, have all trusted TLG Learning to train their IT employees. We know which skills top employers require, because we train their existing and new employees. Our career program graduates benefit from our ability to refer graduates to great jobs.


TLG Offers Two Program Registration Options

Requirements for both programs:

  • Candidates must be over 18 with a high school diploma or equivalent, and a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (and if you're a veteran - other than a dishonorable discharge),
  • All candidates must take the online Aptitude Assessment. There are no IT questions – it is divided into 3 sections: math, logic and critical thinking, and soft skills.

Apprenti IT Apprenticeship Program (a non-profit program of the Washington Technology Industry Association) Registrations

WTIA Workforce Institute's Registered Technology Apprenticeship program, called Apprenti is the only program registered with the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries designed to meet the technology industry's specific workforce needs.
  • Must achieve a Ranked Score on Assessment. Candidates must score over 85% in the Seattle region, or over 80% in other regions to be Ranked.
  • Top ranked candidates will be interviewed in order of Ranked score by Apprenti as apprenticeship opportunities become available
  • Candidates who interview well with Apprenti will then interview with one or more hiring partners
  • Selected candidates receive intensive, in-demand IT Skills training from TLG Learning or other Apprenti training partners
  • Program graduates are placed in a one year paid on-the-job-training apprenticeship with a hiring partner

TLG Pre-Apprenticeship Program Registrations

An Apprenticeship Preparation Program, formally recognized by the Washington State Apprenticeship and Training Council (WSATC) 
  • Any candidate with an assessment score over 85% in Washington State, or over 80% in other regions is eligible for the Pre-apprenticeship Program.
  • Pre-registration and registration for the program are on a first come - first serve basis.
  • Registered applicants will be interviewed by TLG Learning for participation in the Pre-apprenticeship in order of application date.
  • Participants in the Pre-Apprenticeship training program will have a guaranteed interview with Apprenti for placement in the IT Apprenticeship. Successful interviewees with Apprenti will be offered a guaranteed interview with a hiring partner.
  • Pre-apprenticeship participants will receive intensive, in-demand IT Skills training, plus job placement preparation and at least 3 additional interviews arranged by TLG Learning
  • Tuition is GI Bill eligible

Upcoming Program:

Start date Jan/22/2019 Camp Murray

  • Course Length: TLG Pre-Apprenticeship/ Apprenti IT Apprenticeship Programs are 12 Weeks
  • Learning Style: Intensive, hands-on Instructor-led training
  • Locations: JBLM / Camp Murray, Washington
  • Class Hours: 8:00am – 4:00pm, Monday – Friday (excluding holidays)
  • Prerequisites: Satisfactory Assessment score, successful initial interview
  • Industry Recognized Certifications Included: CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Linux+, additional courses and certifications TBD
  • Equipment & Supplies: Hands-on computer equipment, labs & study materials are included
  • Tuition: Apprenti Program participant's tuition is covered in part or in full based on the program. TLG Pre-apprenticeship Program tuition is GI Bill eligible
  • Registration Process & Other Details: Contact us today or call 800-460-2298


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