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Power BI Tools in Excel 2013 - Level 2


This is the second course in TLG Learning’s exclusive Power BI using Excel 2013 series. This course builds on the foundation set in the Data Analysis using Excel 2013 Report Builders. In this course, students learn how to use the Power View, Power Map, and Power Query add-ins.


Data Analysis using Excel 2013 - Level 1 - Report Builders


1 Day, $495


Lesson 1 : Introducing Power BI Tools

Microsoft’s Self-Service Power BI Model
What Is Power BI for Excel

Lesson 2 : Power View for Excel

What Is Power View?
Creating Power View Reports
Power View Interface Components
Understanding Table Visualizations
Chart Visualizations
Power View Tiles, Slicers, & Multiples

Lesson 3 : BI Data Query Basics

What Is a BI Data Query?
Power Query Interface
Planning a BI Data Query

Lesson 4 : Query Editor Transformations

Basic Transformations
Merging & Appending Queries
Calculated Columns
Grouping and Summarizing Data
Unpivoting Data
Dealing with Malformed Data
Finalizing Queries

Lesson 5 : Appendix: Power Map for Excel

----note: appendix content is not covered in the one day course
What Is Power Map?
Preparing a Power Map Tour
Power Map Designer
Creating a Power Map Tour
Power Map Formatting Tools
Finalizing a Power Map Tour


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