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Free Webinar - Windows Azure for IT Professionals and Developers


In this 90 minute seminar you will be introduced to Windows Azure. This seminar will cover key technical topics to help developers understand how Windows Azure can benefit their development process and their organization as a whole. Explore various Microsoft Azure capabilities, including Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, Web Sites, Mobile Services, Storage, and the Building Block Services. See the power of the Microsoft Azure service deployment and operational models. Learn the differences between developing in an IaaS environment and a PaaS environment as well as ways to quickly and efficiently deploy into these environments. Free attendance is limited to three people per company. If you are interested in viewing a recording of this seminar, please contact us at for information.


1½ Hours, Free


Lesson 1 : Overview of Azure

Lesson 2 : Windows Azure Virtual Machines

Lesson 3 : Developing Apps in Windows Azure

Lesson 4 : Windows Azure Deployment & Authentication


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