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Mastering Test Automation


In this course learn to integrate your test library with the application for maximum maintainability, and build a robust, flexible, and reusable framework with the least code possible. Also design a global error handling and recovery system and develop test cases using data—not code.


This course is designed for anyone who is either planning to automate or is already involved. No technical skills or experience are required; all technical concepts will be explained. The course is tool and application neutral, but the concepts and examples are better suited to UI testing than services or APIs.


1 Day, $795


Lesson 1 : Principles of Automation

What is essential to test automation design?
Why you should not write code to test code
How to manage the three types of automation risk

Lesson 2 : Evaluating Your Application

What makes an application a candidate for automation?
What makes automation impossible?
What is development’s role?
Why not capture replay?
What about scripting?
What is a framework?
What are framework types?

Lesson 3 : Defining the Application Map

Four techniques for mapping your application
Essential elements of a map
Class library
Object inventory

Lesson 4 : Developing the Class Action Library

Standard classes
Custom classes
Standard actions
Custom actions

Lesson 5 : Designing the Execution Framework

Mega process
Step driver
Exception handler
Test log
Error log

Lesson 6 : Implementing Datasets

Test environment data
When to use variables
Dynamic test data

Lesson 7 : Error Handling and Recovery

Error types
Local error handler
Global error handler

Lesson 8 : Implementation Consideration

Database versus Spreadsheets
Tool or Language


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