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PowerPoint 2016 - Mentor-led Training


Learn essential skills to create effective PowerPoint presentations by adding charts, tables, graphics, custom transitions, slide timings, and special effects. Also create custom design formats, and presentations using PowerPoint in Microsoft Office 2016. You may purchase this Mentor-led Training Course per day at the per day price shown above and focus on only the topics you need, or you may purchase the full course content available on this topic (see "Up to" number of days above) with free repeat privileges and post class online video access included.


At least one year experience using Windows 10, 8, or 7


Desktop Applications Mentor-Led Training combines one-on-one expert instruction, state-of-the art learning resources, a personalized learning plan, and significantly greater scheduling flexibility. Now you can learn exactly what you need to learn … exactly when you need to learn it -- with full support from an expert instructor.


Up to 3 days, $265 per day


Lesson 1 : Introduction to PowerPoint 2016

Course Opener
How to Take This Course
Tour of PowerPoint
Backstage View

Lesson 2 : Create a Presentation

Create a Blank Presentation
Create a Presentation Using Templates
Online Templates
Import Word Document Outlines

Lesson 3 : Insert and Format Slides

Insert Specific Slide Layouts
Duplicate Existing Slides
Hide and Unhide Slides
Delete Slides
Apply a Different Slide Layout
Modify Individual Slide Backgrounds
Insert Headers and Footers

Lesson 4 : Modify Slides, Handouts, and Notes

Change Slide Master Theme or Background
Modify Slide Master Content
Create a Slide Layout
Modify a Slide Layout
Modify a Handout Master
Modify the Notes Master

Lesson 5 : Order and Group Slides

Create Sections
Modify Slide Order
Rename Sections

Lesson 6 : Change Presentation Options and Views

Change Slide Size
Change Views of a Presentation
Set File Properties

Lesson 7 : Configure a Presentation for Print

Print All or Part of a Presentation
Print Notes Pages, Handouts
Print in Color or Black and White

Lesson 8 : Configure and Present a Slide Show

Create Custom Slide Shows
Configure Slide Show Options
Rehearse Slide Show Timing
Present a Slide Show in Presenter View

Lesson 9 : Insert and Format Text

Insert Text on a Slide
Apply Formatting and Styles to Text
Apply WordArt Styles to Text
Format Text in Multiple Columns
Create Bulleted and Numbered Lists
Insert Hyperlinks

Lesson 10 : Insert and Format Shapes and Text Boxes

Insert or Replace Shapes
Insert Text Boxes
Resize Shapes and Text Boxes
Format Shapes and Text Boxes
Apply Styles to Shapes and Text Boxes

Lesson 11 : Insert and Format Images

Insert Images
Resize and Crop Images
Apply Styles and Effects

Lesson 12 : Order and Group Objects

Order Objects
Align Objects
Group Objects
Display Alignment Tools

Lesson 13 : Insert and Format Tables

Create a Table
Insert and Delete Table Rows and Columns
Apply Table Styles
Import a Table

Lesson 14 : Insert and Format Charts

Create a Chart
Import a Chart
Change the Chart Type
Add a Chart Legend
Work with Chart Elements
Change the Chart Style

Lesson 15 : Insert and Format SmartArt Graphics

Create a SmartArt Graphic
Convert Lists to SmartArt Graphics
Add Shapes to SmartArt Graphics
Reorder Shapes in SmartArt Graphics
Change the Color of SmartArt Graphics

Lesson 16 : Insert and Manage Media

Insert Audio and Video Clips
Screen Recording
Configure Media Playback Options
Adjust Media Window Size
Set the Video Start and Stop Time
Set Media Timing Options

Lesson 17 : Apply Transitions and Animations

Apply Slide Transitions
Insert Slide Transitions
Set Transition Effect Options

Lesson 18 : Animate Slide Content

Apply Animations to Objects
Apply Animations to Text
Set Animation Effect Options
Set Animation Paths

Lesson 19 : Set Timing for Transitions, Animations

Set Transition Effect Duration
Configure Transition Start and Finish
Reorder Animations on a Slide

Lesson 20 : Manage Multiple Presentations

Merge Content from Presentations
Insert Slides from Another Presentation
Combine Presentations
Insert Comments
Review Comments

Lesson 21 : Finalize Presentations

Protect a Presentation
Inspect a Presentation
Proof a Presentation
Preserve Presentation Content
Export Presentations to Other Formats


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