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Power BI Services - Report Builder


This course lays the foundation for individuals looking to learn how to use and build reports and dashboards within the Power BI Service ( Students will learn how to navigate the Power BI Service interface and interact with reports.


Basic reporting knowledge, basic understanding of data


1 Day, $495


Lesson 1 : Introducing Power BI Service and Power BI Desktop

What Is Power BI for the Cloud
Power BI Key Features
Self-Service BI Model
Power BI Components
Power BI Service Interface

Lesson 2 : Defining a Report

What is a Power BI Report?
Defining a Report
Data-Driven Storytelling

Lesson 3 : Gathering Report Data

Connecting to Data Sources
Refreshing Power BI Data

Lesson 4 : Building Power BI Reports

Interface Compenents
Creating Report Visuals
Visualization Properties
Visualizaton Features
Pages and Filters
Power BI Slicers
Report Final Touches

Lesson 5 : Building Power BI Dashboards

Dashboard Interface Components
Building Dashboards
Organizing Dashboard Elements

Lesson 6 : Using Cortana Q & A

Understanding Q & A
Modifying Q & A Results

Lesson 7 : Sharing Reports & Dashboards

Sharing Content
Managing Power BI Content
Using App Workspaces
Content Packs and Apps


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