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Cisco - MPLS - Implementing Cisco MPLS v3.x


The course will enable learners to gather information from the technology basics to advanced VPN configuration. The focus of the course is on VPN technology issues of MPLS from the Service Providers perspective and how to configure some of those features and functions in an existing routed environment. A basic introductory level of some of the more updated features and functions such as Traffic Engineering, Fast Reroute and Any Transport over MPLS (AToM) are introduced on a concept level only. Additional terms and conditions apply--please ask your Account Executive.


CCNA or equivalent level of knowledge (BSCI and BGP), QoS course is highly recommended


5 Days, $3995


Lesson 1 : MPLS Concepts

Introducing Basic MPLS Concepts
Introducing MPLS Labels and Label Stacks
Identifying MPLS Applications

Lesson 2 : Label Assignment and Distribution

Discovering LDP Neighbors
Introducing Typical Label Distribution in Frame-Mode MPLS
Introducing Convergence in Frame-Mode MPLS
Introducing MPLS Label Allocation, Distribution, and Retention Modes

Lesson 3 : Frame-Mode MPLS Implementation on Cisco IOS Platforms

Introducing CEF Switching
Configuring Frame-Mode MPLS on Cisco IOS Platforms
Monitoring Frame-Mode MPS on Cisco IOS Platforms
Troubleshooting Frame-Mode MPLS on Cisco IOS Platforms

Lesson 4 : MPLS VPN Technology

Introducing VPNs
Categorizing VPNs
Introducing MPLS VPN Architecture
Introducing the MPLS VPN Routing Model
Forwarding MPLS VPN Packets

Lesson 5 : MPLS VPN Implementation

Using MPLS VPN Mechanisms of Cisco IOS Platforms
Configuring VRF Tables
Configuring an MP-BGP Session between PE Routers
Configuring Small-Scale Routing Protocols between PE and CE Routers
Monitoring MPLS VPN Operations
Configuring OSPF as the Routing Protocol between PE and CE Routers
Configuring BGP as the Routing Protocol Between PE and CE Routers
Troubleshooting MPLS VPNs

Lesson 6 : Complex MPLS VPNs

Using Advanced VRF Import and Export Features
Introducing Overlapping VPNs
Introducing Central Services VPNs
Introducing the Managed CE Routers Service

Lesson 7 : Internet Access and MPLS VPNs

Introducing Internet Access with MPLS VPNs
Through Route Leaking
Implementing Separate Internet Access and VPN Services
Implementing Internet Access as a Separate VPN

Lesson 8 : MPLS TE Overview

Introducing the TE Concept
Understanding MPLS TE Components
Configuring MPLS TE on Cisco IOS Platforms
Monitoring Basic MPLS TE on Cisco IOS Platform


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