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ITIL® Intermediate Lifecycle: Service Strategy with Certification Exam


This Intermediate Lifecycle ITIL® course is intended to provide, test and validate knowledge on industry practices in service management as documented in the ITIL® Service Strategy publication.


Hold the ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management


3 Days, $2650


Lesson 1 : Introduction to service strategy

The purpose, objectives and scope service strategy and its relationship to the other service lifecycle stages

Lesson 2 : Service strategy principles

The elements of service strategy that are necessary to understand, use and apply the processes within service strategy to create business value

Lesson 3 : Service strategy processes

The managerial and supervisory aspects of the ITIL processes covered in the service strategy stage, excluding the day-to-day operation of processes covered in the ITIL Intermediate Capability modules

Lesson 4 : Governance

The strategic level concepts of governance as it relates to service strategy

Lesson 5 : Organizing for service strategy

The concepts of organizational considerations relating to service strategy

Lesson 6 : Technology considerations

Technology considerations for service strategy including service automation, analytics and technology interfaces

Lesson 7 : Implementing and improving service strategy

The ITIL approach for implementing service strategy

Lesson 8 : Challenges, critical success factors and risk

The challenges and risks facing service strategy and service strategy critical success factors (CSFs)


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