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ITIL® Intermediate Lifecycle: Service Design with Certification Exam


This Intermediate Lifecycle ITIL® course is intended to provide, test and validate knowledge on industry practices in service management as documented in the ITIL® Service Design publication.


Hold the ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management


3 Days, $2650


Lesson 1 : Introduction to service design

The purpose, goals, objectives and scope of service design, the business value of service design activities, the context of service design in the ITIL service lifecycle and the inputs and outputs of service design including the service design package

Lesson 2 : Service design principles •Service design principles and service composition

The importance of, and approach to, balanced design and the requirements gathering for services
Design activities, constraints and models, including the aspects of service design and the management of service design processes

Lesson 3 : Service design processes

The managerial and supervisory aspects of the ITIL processes covered in the service design stage, excluding the day-to-day operation of the processes (covered in the Planning, Protection and Control Capability module)

Lesson 4 : Managing people through service designs

The management of technology related activities commonly performed in the service design stage, including requirements engineering related to data and information management, as well as application management

Lesson 5 : Organizing for service design

Service design roles, responsibilities and capabilities and techniques for assigning roles

Lesson 6 : Technology considerations

Technology considerations for service design including the types of tools that would benefit service design and requirements for service management tools

Lesson 7 : Implementing and improving service design

Typical service design issues, prerequisites for success, and the six stage implementation approach
Techniques including business impact analysis, service level requirements and risk assessment

Lesson 8 : Challenges, critical success factors and risk

The challenges and risks facing service design and how critical success factors (CSFs) contribute to service design


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