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ITIL® Foundation with Certification Exam


This ITIL Foundation Certification training course includes 18 hours of Instructor-Led Training (ILT) or Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) presented by a real-world ITIL-certification practitioner. The course provides comprehensive coverage of concepts within the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). In order to pass your ITIL Foundation exam, you are given practical assignments, practice exam questions and daily review sessions. You will also explore and evaluate good practice in IT service management based on the ITIL methodology. You also assess the activities, roles and security issues involved in the service management lifecycle, examine the components of each of the core service management.


3 Days, $1950


Lesson 1 : Service Management as a Practice

Concepts of IT service management
•The efficient development of new services and the improvement of existing services
•Good practice
•Functions, roles and processes
The service lifecycle
•Design, development and utilization of services
•Utility and warranty
•Service design and the business
•IT and the business integration

Lesson 2 : ITIL Service Lifecycle

The five core processes
•Service strategy
•Service design
•Service transition
•Service operation
•Continual service improvement
The value of the ITIL service lifecycle
•Integrating the processes throughout the lifecycle
•Explaining the objectives and scope for each phase

Lesson 3 : ITIL Core Concepts

Identifying and documenting the services
•Service portfolio
•Service catalog
•Business case
•Service provider
•Service Level Agreement (SLA)
•Operational Level Agreement (OLA)
Optimizing the infrastructure
•Service request
•Change and release
•Event, alert and incident
•Known error and Known Error Database (KEDB)
•Service Knowledge Management System (SKMS)

Lesson 4 : ITIL Key Principles and Models

Value-creation through services
•Balancing opposing forces
•Management information systems and tools
Exploring the importance of people, processes, products and partners
•Critical success factors
•Measurement methods and metrics

Lesson 5 : ITIL Processes

Service strategy
•Service portfolio management
•Financial management for IT services
•Business relationship management
Service design
•Service Level Management (SLM)
•Design coordination
•Service catalog management
•Supplier management
•Risk assessment and IT service continuity management
•Defining the scope of information security management
•Capacity management
•Availability management
Service transition
•Business value, asset and configuration management
•Explaining the objectives of change management
•Knowledge management
•Transition planning
•Release and deployment management
Service operation
•Process activities of incident and problem management
•Request fulfillment
•Stating the purpose of event and access management
Continual service improvement
•The seven-step improvement process
•The Deming Cycle (plan, do, check, act)
•Critical Success Factors (CSF) and KPIs
•Types of metrics

Lesson 6 : Service Management Functions and Roles

Outlining IT organization functions
•Service desk function
•IT operations function
•Technical management function
•The application management function
Defining service roles
•The responsibilities of key roles in service management
•Process owner
•Service owner
•Process manager
•Process practitioner
•Recognizing the RACI responsibility model and its role in determining organizational structure
•How service automation assists with integrating service management processes


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