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Oracle Database 12c: Administration


Databases represent the core of an organization’s informational infrastructure. In this Oracle administration training course, you learn the fundamental knowledge and skills to configure and support Oracle 12c databases, maintain your organization’s data, and ensure the availability of your data by deploying backup, recovery, and flashback operations.


Oracle Database 12c: Introduction and experience working with a SQL-based relational database management system


Administrator, Cloud Administrator, Database Administrators, System Administrator


5 Days, $3190


Lesson 1 : Overview of Oracle Database 12

Configuring the instance and database
Conceptualizing the Oracle 12c architecture

Lesson 2 : Constructing an Oracle 12

Creating the database
Starting and stopping the database

Lesson 3 : Automating administration with Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Cloud Control 12

Evaluating the OEM architecture
Maintaining the database with OEM Cloud Control 12c

Lesson 4 : Flashing Back Oracle 12

Configuring UNDO tablespaces
Monitoring and reversing changes to data

Lesson 5 : Managing Users and Resources

Establishing user accounts
Enforcing security

Lesson 6 : Performing Space Management

Building the storage hierarchy
Structuring data and index segments

Lesson 7 : Partitioning for Performance and Administration

Creating partitioned and subpartitioned tables
Maintaining index partitions

Lesson 8 : Building a Fault-Tolerant Database

Safeguarding the database
Backing up the database and performing recovery


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