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CSAP - Certified Security Awareness Principles


This course is intended for anyone that uses a computer on the internet. Attendees will understand the security threats as well as the countermeasures associated with these attacks. Employees will learn that the weakest link in any security program is a poorly trained department. This course teaches general security awareness as well as how to develop a strong security culture within your company's community. The social engineering portion of the class is designed to teach the participants the skills used by Social Engineers to facilitate the extraction of information from an organizatoin using technial and non-technical methods.




Anyone, End Users, Company Employee, Basic Computer User


1 Day, $750


Lesson 1 : Basic Security Awareness

What is it and why it’s needed?
2017 End User Risk Trends

Lesson 2 : Social Engineering

Spear Phishing
Social media

Lesson 3 : Data Classification and Corporate Use (Safe Guarding)

Personal v. Business Use
Data management
How to delete and get rid of your old data

Lesson 4 : End User Best Practices

Internet utilization
Safe Web Site surfing
Computer Usage
Password management
Removable Devices
Mobile, Smart Phones and Tablets (risks associated with mobile devices)

Lesson 5 : Creating a Cyber Security Culture

Non-malware Attack Statistics 2017 (Carbon Black)
Cyber Security Culture
Requirements for Successful CSC
Steps to Create CSC
Key People for a Successful CSC and Their Roles
How Various Departments are Related to the CSC Program
Leadership Skills
Techniques Used by Successful Leaders
Yearly Training and Drills

Lesson 6 : Social Engineer Attacks: Executive Management and Assets

Techniques used by Hackers
Why Executives are Pinpointed as Targets
Whaling Attacks
Recent Successful Whaling Attacks
Whaling Mitigation
Intellectual Property
IP Categories
IP Legally Defined Categories
Keeping IP Safe
Keeping IP Safe - Recommendation

Lesson 7 : Incident Preparedness and Management Planning

Incident Mitigation
Incident Mitigation
Cyber Insurance
Cyber Insurance Gaps
Incident Preparedness Steps
Preparation Step
Identification Step
Crisis Management
Post Crisis Management
Post Crisis Management
General Recommendation for Post Crisis

Lesson 8 : Laws and Global Compliance Standards

Laws & Standards
Laws & Standards
12 PCI DSS Requirements
Laws & Standards
SOX Most Important Sections
Laws & Standards
Data Classification
Objectives of Data Classification
Personal vs. Business Use
Personal vs. Business Use
Business Standard for Deleting Data
Mobile Device Security Risks
Mobile Device Security
BYOD Challenges
BYOD Policy


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