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IBM - B6055G - Cognos Analytics Enterprise Administration (v11.0)


This course provides training to new administrators on the fundamental tasks of installing and configuring IBM Cognos Analytics, and administering servers and content in the environment. In the course, participants will install and configure the IBM Cognos Analytics software, implement security, and manage the server components. Students will also monitor and schedule tasks, create data sources, and manage and deploy content in the portal and IBM Cognos Administration.


Knowledge of Web application server architectures, security systems administration, experience using basic Windows functionality, experience using a Web browser, knowledge of your business requirements




3 Days, $2250


Lesson 1 : Introduction to IBM Cognos Analytics administration

Identify and explain the:
* IBM Cognos Analytics enterprise components
* role of the Administrator in relation to the IBM Cognos Analytics administration workflow process
* role of IBM Cognos Administration and IBM Cognos Configuration

Lesson 2 : Identify IBM Cognos Analytics architecture

Identify and explain:
* the features of the IBM Cognos Analytics architecture
* the three architectural tiers
* IBM Cognos Analytics servlets and services
* the default servlet container and alternatives to its use
* an example of IBM Cognos Analytics request processing
* installation options
* load balancing mechanisms
* configuration options
* the IBM Cognos Application Firewall

Lesson 3 : Secure the IBM Cognos Analytics environment

Identify the IBM Cognos Analytics security model
Define authentication in IBM Cognos Analytics
Define authorization in IBM Cognos Analytics
Identify security policies
Secure the IBM Cognos Analytics environment

Lesson 4 : Administer the IBM Cognos Analytics server environment

Describe the tasks required to administer the IBM Cognos Analytics server environment
Perform administrative tasks using IBM Cognos Administration
Manage dispatchers and services
Examine the log message facility
Tune performance of servers
Identify issues while troubleshooting the server environment
Identify the IBM Cognos Analytics backup strategy
Administer dynamic cubes

Lesson 5 : Manage run activities

Manage current, upcoming, and past activities
Manage schedules
Enable and disable schedules
Set queue priority for schedules
Suspend a schedule until a later time

Lesson 6 : Manage content in IBM Cognos Administration

Add a data source
Manage visualizations in the Library
Plan and perform a deployment
Identify how to maintain the IBM Cognos Analytics content store
Identify other content management considerations

Lesson 7 : Additional configuration and customization

Manage user profiles
Identify how to manage packages through the IBM Cognos Analytics portal

Lesson 8 : Overview of IBM Cognos Analytics (optional)

Describe IBM Cognos Analytics and its position within an Analytics solution
Describe IBM Cognos Analytics components
Describe IBM Cognos Analytics at a high level
Describe IBM Cognos Analytics security at a high level
Explain how to extend IBM Cognos Analytics

Lesson 9 : IBM Cognos Analytics for consumers (optional)

Use published reports
Run reports with options
Personalize how content appears
Manage human tasks
Collaborate with IBM Connections
Access shared content

Lesson 10 : Drill-through definitions (optional)

Discuss parameter-driven drill through
Discuss dynamic drill through
Set up package-based drill-through definitions
Set scope
Use the Drill Through Assistant

Lesson 11 : End-to-end workshop (optional)

An exercise covering some of the major administrative functionality in the IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0 product


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