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Agile Fundamentals


The Agile Essentials 2 day workshop is an interactive introduction to Agile terminology, concepts, and principles. Participants will learn about Agile concepts and have opportunities to immediately try them out in a simulated project setting. This workshop will prepare participants to effectively participate in and lead agile teams.


Project Managers, Development Managers, Developers, QA/Testers, Product Owners, Business Analysts and other Agile team members interested in learning how to successfully implement pragmatic Agile on their team.


2 Days, $1250


Lesson 1 : History of Agile & terminology

Lesson 2 : Various Agile Approaches

Lesson 3 : Planning Workflow

Lesson 4 : Agile Team and Roles

Lesson 5 : Personas

Lesson 6 : Chartering

Lesson 7 : Product Backlog

Effective Story Writing
User Stories vs. Technical Stories
Acceptance Criteria

Lesson 8 : Story Map

Lesson 9 : Story Estimating

Story Points vs. Time-Based Estimates
Estimating Techniques

Lesson 10 : Release Planning

Lesson 11 : Iteration/Sprint Planning

Lesson 12 : Daily Rigor

Task Boards
Metrics to Track Progress

Lesson 13 : Closing out the Iteration/Sprint


Lesson 14 : Addressing Common Challenges

Incomplete Stories
Globally Distributed Teams


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