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Access - Level 1 & 2


Learn essential skills to design, create, and use an Access database in Microsoft Office, including relational database concepts, planning and creating a database, data entry guidelines, and working with forms, queries, and reports.


At least one year experience using Windows 10, 8, or 7


2 Days, $530


Lesson 1 : Getting Started

Database concepts
Exploring the Access environment
Getting help

Lesson 2 : Databases and tables

Planning and designing databases
Exploring tables
Creating tables

Lesson 3 : Fields and records

Changing the design of a table
Finding and editing records
Organizing records

Lesson 4 : Data entry rules

Setting field properties
Working with input masks
Setting validation rules

Lesson 5 : Basic queries

Creating and using queries
Modifying query results and queries
Performing operations in queries

Lesson 6 : Using forms

Creating forms
Using Design view
Sorting and filtering records

Lesson 7 : Working with reports

Creating reports
Modifying and printing reports

Lesson 8 : Relational databases

Database normalization
Table relationships
Referential integrity

Lesson 9 : Related tables

Creating lookup fields
Modifying lookup fields

Lesson 10 : Complex queries

Joining tables in queries
Using calculated fields
Summarizing and grouping values

Lesson 11 : Advanced form design

Adding unbound controls
Adding calculated values
Adding combo boxes
Advanced form types

Lesson 12 : Reports and printing

Customized headers and footers
Calculated values

Lesson 13 : Appendix - Charts

Charts in forms
Charts in reports


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