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PowerPoint 2013 - Level 2


Learn additional important skills to work with design templates, graphics, slide elements, action buttons and equations, customization, and advanced presentation delivery using PowerPoint in Microsoft Office 2013.


PowerPoint Level 1


1 Day, $265


Lesson 1 : Slide masters and transitions

Slide masters and transitions
Transitions and timings
Custom slide shows

Lesson 2 : Graphics and media

Modifying graphics
Media clips
Photo albums

Lesson 3 : Customizing slide elements

Working with SmartArt graphics
Customizing tables
Working with charts

Lesson 4 : Action buttons and equations

Action buttons and equations

Lesson 5 : Integrating Microsoft Office files

Applying content from a Word outline
Embedding and linking content

Lesson 6 : Finalizing and distributing presentations

Reviewing and finishing
Distributing presentations

Lesson 7 : Customizing PowerPoint

Application settings
Custom themes


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