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Accessibility Intermediate Training


This intermediate level course is designed to provide a firm foundation in the theoretical and practical applications of accessibility in web site and web-based application design. You will learn about the history of accessibility and the guidelines that have evolved to assist designers and developers in understanding and meeting their legal responsibilities. You will learn how to evaluate your site’s compliance and the most effective tools and techniques to effectively address the issues you discover.


Days 1 & 2 are appropriate for non-technical staff with a basic understanding of web design concepts. Days 3 & 4 will delve into technical implementation and attendees should have some experience in HTML.


This is an intermediate-level course for testers, developers, designers and usability engineers.


4 Days, $3000


Lesson 1 : Overview

Lesson 2 : BASICS OF ACCESSIBILITY: the Who, Why, Where, When, and How

Lesson 3 : Guidelines

Lesson 4 : WCAG, ARIA, and other guidelines for understanding and assessing accessibility requirements

Lesson 5 : Tools for Users

Lesson 6 : Exploring the assistive technologies that allow your users to interact with your website.

Lesson 7 : Tools for Designers and Developers

Lesson 8 : The automated evaluation tools that exist and how to use them to identify problems

Lesson 9 : The Basics of Building Accessible Websites

Lesson 10 : Structure and basic keyboard accessibility to make your website perceivable

Lesson 11 : Coding 101 for Accessibility

Lesson 12 : How to code in an accessible and scalable way using easily available and open source tools and Technologies

Lesson 13 : Advanced Coding for Accessibility

Lesson 14 : Controlling interactions to make websites operable

Lesson 15 : Coding multimedia content for Accessibility

Lesson 16 : Making audio, video, and multimedia file types accessible


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