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Network+ Certification (Exam N10-007)


A solid foundation of TCP/IP, protocols, the OSI model, and general computer networking concepts is the key to successful network and server administration. Learn the essential skills to install and troubleshoot networking hardware and software. Prepare for CompTIA exam N10-007.


Recommended A+ or equivalent knowledge


5 Days, $2795


Lesson 1 : Network Theory

Network Types
Network Standards and the OSI Model
Data Transmission Methods

Lesson 2 : Bounded Network Media

Copper Media
Fiber Optic Media
Bounded Network Media Installation

Lesson 3 : Unbounded Network Media

Wireless Networking
Wireless Network Devices and Components
Implement Wireless Technology
Internet of Things

Lesson 4 : Network Implementation

Physical Network Topologies
Logical Network Topologies
Ethernet Networks
Network Devices

Lesson 5 : TCP/IP Addressing and Data Delivery

The TCP/IP Protocol Suite
IPv4 Addressing
Default IP Addressing Schemes
Create Custom IP Addressing Schemes
IPv6 Addressing

Lesson 6 : Routing and Switching

Network Packet Routing
Static and Dynamic IP Routing

Lesson 7 : TCP/IP Implementation

Configure IP Addresses
Naming Services
TCP/IP Utilities
Common TCP/IP Protocols

Lesson 8 : Network Security Analysi

Introduction to Network Security
Network Security Policies
Physical Security
Common Network Attacks

Lesson 9 : Network Security Implementation

Access Control
Port, Service, and Protocol Security
Wireless Network Security
Patches and Updates
Mitigation Techniques

Lesson 10 : WAN Infrastructur

WAN Basics
WAN Connectivity Methods
WAN Transmission Technologies

Lesson 11 : Cloud and Virtualization Techniques

Virtualization Technologies
Network Storage Technologies
Cloud Computing

Lesson 12 : Remote Networking

Remote Network Architectures
Remote Access Network Implementations
Virtual Private Networking

Lesson 13 : Network Managemen

Monitor Networks
Document the Network
Establish Baselines
Optimize Network Performance
Ensure Business Continuity

Lesson 14 : Troubleshooting Network Issues

Network Troubleshooting Methodology
Network Troubleshooting Tools
Troubleshoot Wired Connectivity and Performance Issues
Troubleshoot Wireless Connectivity and Performance Issues
Troubleshoot Network Service Issues


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