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SharePoint Designer 2013


Learn to create and publish custom SharePoint workflows without code using SharePoint Designer 2013.


SharePoint Foundation 2013 - Site Owner


1 Day, $495


Lesson 1 : Getting Started with SharePoint Designer 2013

Introduction to SharePoint Designer
Get Help and Support for SharePoint Designer

Lesson 2 : Customizing and Implementing Content Types

Customize Content Types
Implement Custom Content Types

Lesson 3 : Integrating Data Sources Using SharePoint Designer

Access Data Sources
Modify a Data Source in Data View

Lesson 4 : Creating Workflows with the Workflow Platform

Implement the Workflow Platform
Design a Workflow

Lesson 5 : Creating Workflows with SharePoint Designer and Visio

Design Workflows with Visio 2013
Transfer a Visio Workflow Design to SharePoint Designer
Publish a Visio Workflow Design Using SharePoint Designer

Lesson 6 : Packaging and Deploying Workflows

Package Workflows
Deploy Workflow Packages


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