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SharePoint Foundation 2013 - Level 3 - Site Administrator


Learn to implement and manage many site collection features. This includes basic site customization based on business requirements, as well as activation and configuration of site collection-level SharePoint features.


SharePoint Foundation 2013 - Site Owner


This course is designed for existing Microsoft SharePoint site collection administrators who will create and manage a group of SharePoint sites, add features at the site collection level, manage workflows, and implement records management features.


1 Day, $495


Lesson 1 : Creating and Configuring a Site Collection

Create a Site Collection
Set Quotas
Configure Audit Options
Back Up Your Site Collection

Lesson 2 : Configuring the Top-Level Site

Add a Cloud Tag Webpart
Add an RSS Feed to Your Site
Enable Email Connectivity for a Library
Create and Configure Document Sets

Lesson 3 : Configuring Site Collection Metadata

Create a New Content Type
Add Columns to Content Types
Add a Custom Content Type to a List

Lesson 4 : Managing Archiving and Compliance

Configure Site Polices
Configure In-Place Records Management
Configure Information Management Policies
Configure Content Organizer Rules

Lesson 5 : Creating and Testing a Workflow

Plan a Workflow
Create and Publish a Workflow
Test Your Workflow

Lesson 6 : Configuring Search

Configure Search Options
Search for Content and Set Alerts


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