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SharePoint Foundation 2013 - Level 1 - Site User


Learn to navigate, search, and collaborate using SharePoint sites, add and modify content to lists and libraries, and configure your SharePoint profile.


Basic experience with Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer


1 Day, $295


Lesson 1 : Interacting with SharePoint Team Sites

Access SharePoint Sites
Navigate SharePoint Sites

Lesson 2 : Working with Documents, Content, and Libraries

Upload Documents
Search for Documents and Files

Lesson 3 : Interacting in SharePoint

Update and Share Your Profile
Follow and Share Content

Lesson 4 : Working with Lists

Add and Modify List Items
Configure List Views
Filter and Group Data with List Views

Lesson 5 : Integrating with Microsoft Office

Access and Save Microsoft Office Documents with SharePoint
Manage Document Versions
Work with SharePoint Data from Outlook


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