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IIBA CCBA Exam Preparation - Essential Knowledge


This course is a 1-day exam preparation study of fact-based questions.


IIBA Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) Comprehensive Study


1 Day, $690


Lesson 1 : Preparing for a Fact-Based Knowledge Exam

Identifying the goal of the exam and what will be tested
Demonstrating command of core Business Analysis (BA) facts and the BA process
Recalling technical content and best practice techniques

Lesson 2 : The BA Professional and Key Concepts

Positioning business analysis and BABOK®v3 knowledge areas
•Describing the role of the Business Analyst
•Identifying underlying competencies and knowledge areas
Describing the core concepts
•Recognizing a conceptual framework for BA work
•Defining a BA vocabulary of key terms
•Comparing the variety of stakeholders and requirements

Lesson 3 : Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring

Summarizing the focus of BAPM tasks
•Planning Business Analysis Approach
•Planning Stakeholder Engagement
•Planning Business Analysis Governance
•Identifying BA Performance Improvements
Constructing a plan for product specification
•Choosing a methodology to guide the work
•Managing the 3Rs

Lesson 4 : Elicitation and Collaboration

Summarizing the focus of EC tasks
•Preparing for elicitation
•Conducting elicitation
•Confirming results
•Communicating information
•Managing collaboration
Describing elicitation tasks
•Developing an activity plan
•Acquiring and confirming stakeholder knowledge

Lesson 5 : Requirements Life Cycle Management

Summarizing the focus of RLCM tasks
•Tracing requirements by applying criteria
•Maintaining requirements for reuse
•Prioritizing within a project
•Assessing changes to requirements
•Approving a set of requirements
Explaining requirements states
•Recognizing life cycle attributes
•Gaining approvals for work completed

Lesson 6 : Strategy Analysis

Summarizing the focus of SA tasks
•Analyzing current state
•Defining future state
•Assessing risks
•Defining change strategy
Identifying the business need
•Listing the business requirements
•Defining the solution scope

Lesson 7 : Requirements Analysis and Design Definition

Summarizing the focus of RADD tasks
•Specifying and modeling requirements
•Verifying requirements
•Validating requirements
•Defining a requirements architecture
•Defining design options
•Analyzing potential value
Choosing techniques based on the task
•Describing the modeling and analysis required
•Identifying a checklist for validating and verifying

Lesson 8 : Solution Evaluation

Summarizing the focus of SE tasks
•Measuring solution performance
•Analyzing performance measures
•Assessing solution limitations
•Assessing enterprise limitations
•Recommending actions to increase value
Interpreting the implemented value
•Newly implemented or legacy existing
•Illustrating the business value


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